Hettich Uhren

Hettich Uhren Original handcrafted cuckoo clock in the Black Forest with handcrafted figures and carving 47cm high and 40cm wide

High quality cuckoo clock with 8 days of music dancer mechanism with mechanical rack mechanism 47 cm high and 40 cm wide

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Very high quality processed cuckoo clock 47cm high with 8 days of music dancer by the company Hettich Uhren in Triberg in the Black Forest. Cuckoo calls every half and full hour, e.g. 10 o'clock he calls 10x cuckoo. Standard wooden cuckoo dial and wooden hands with impact shut-off (night). All wooden parts with handmade wooden figures. At the full hour after the cuckoo call, the dance figures turn with a water wheel (mill wheel) with the melody Edelweiss - Happy hikers alternating hand-carved thatched roof Guarantee 2 years


2-3 weeks delivery time only on order !!

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