Hettich Uhren

Hettich Uhren Cuckoo Clock with quartz movement 23cm high and 18cm wide with 12 different melodies, cuckoo cuckoo eg 10 hour clock he calls the 10x cuckoo cuckoo is an echo and a waterfall in the background noise ef

23cm cuckoo clock with quartz movement and automatic night switching off 5 bis 22 clock clock morgens.Melodie can be separately switched so that calls only the cuckoo clock but can also be set to OFF then the cuckoo and the Melo ...

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Review by Carina Lessing, Posted on 11-12-2013, 5 Stars.
Hab die Uhr gestern bekommen,bin total begeistert,soll ein Geburtstagsgeschenk für meine Schwiegermutter werden,sie wird total aussem Häuschen sein!Sehr schönes Teil!!!
Cuckoo Clock with quartz movement watches manufactured at company Hettich 23 high measured without pendulum and weights wood carving case dial pointer all parts of wood weights are plastic 2 years warranty

Here you can see the clock in function

Cuckoo clock with quartz movement and level for shut-off for the nighttime carwing-face hands in wood no plastic weights are

from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am is working night Automatically shut off

this clock have 12 different melodies: Edelweiss Frl.Wanderer ..........

10 inches 7 inches wide high

following melodies played by the clock: 1.Im green forest there where the bluebird sings

2 Oh Donna Clara

3 Black-brown is the hazelnut

4.Kuckuck-cuckoo calls from the forest

5 All birds are already there

6 There is a mill in the Black Forest valley

7 A bird wanted to make wedding

8 I do not know what it signifies (Lorelei)

9 Oh my Darling

10th My father was a traveling man

11th Listen to what comes out of purely

12th In green forest

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